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Behold the splendour of the pectines, which rival the glowing colours of the papilionaceous tribe, as numerous as they are beautiful, flirting from place to place, and may well be called the papiliones of the ocean ; what superior qualities does not the pectines enjoy above the ostrea edulis, which, constantly confinedto its 

24 May 2013 We don't have a word for a sarcastic or bad timed laugh. We just call you an ass hole. Oka maybe not always but still ;), the thing to keep in mind as I've gone through this list is that we use the "where and when" and our face and gestures to know the meaning of someone's laugh. Lots are spot on, lots just 

The French also have a strange but cute way or addressing their loved ones like:- ma petite puce- my little flea ma petite biche- my little doe ma petite poule- my little hen mon petit minou- my little kitten. and from there you can be inventive and call someone “ton petit chameau”- your little camel. This will give them a good